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Doing Business the Right Way


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Since being established in 2008, as Buchholz Brothers Construction Ltd, working as a small crew increasing its customers satisfaction until Hidjak services was created in 2011 and then being incorporated in 2017 as Hidjak ltd, providing our customers with a variety of work around the job side and helping you to reach your goals.

     "One day a question came a cross my mind: "why do we do what we do?" At first I thought: "We do it because it simply pays the bills" but after spending some time thinking I realised that money is not a priority to us. After more time of thinking it became obvious that the customer satisfaction was much more important to us. The customer satisfaction is not only an advertising strategy, it is our driving source! The job is not finished when the work is complete the job is finished when the costumer is satisfied! And we go even further, not only customer satisfaction is important to us, but satisfaction of our subcontractors and satisfaction of our employees. We believe if each of us is satisfied with the outcome of the deal, that is not only a "good deal", that is a beginning of a long term relationship as a team! And together we can achieve tremendous results!"

Helmut Buchholz



Exceeding Your Expectations


Framing has been our original focus, by now most  of our custom work includes, besides framing, concrete work and move-in-ready houses. Choose us for the whole project and enjoy the benefits of saving money and freedom of dealing with one partner only!

      No work is to small or to big for us: small garages, single houses, duplexes, multiplexes, commercial buildings and livestock barns. See Gallery for Pictures. When you work with Hidjak ltd you can trust that you're in experienced hands.


This is one of our most popular services. Ranging from Foundations, ICF Blocks, Thicken edge slabs, Great beams, Basement floors, Concrete pads and Driveways in residential and commercial areas. See Gallery for Pictures. Whenever you work with Hidjak ltd, you can trust our experienced team will get it done right!

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The Skid steer was first used as a tool for us at Hidjak Ltd, then later also used for all works around the job side ranging from lot grading to landscaping and top soil spreading, as well snow removal in wintertime.

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Steinbach, MB, Canada


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